Club Rewards Program - Share, Save, Earn.


The Pharmafree Club Rewards Program is a point system that allows our members to earn huge discounts on cannabis, while actually making money at the same time. We offer several ways to earn a massive amount of Club Points, which can be used to apply massive discounts on their shopping carts upon checkout.

The primary driver of the point system is through referrals. When a user refers one of their friends, they earn points every time one of their referrals purchases on Pharmafree - forever. The more referrals a user has, the more points they'll earn, which leads to massive personal savings on cannabis purchases.

In addition to points, members actually earn $5 in cash for each order that one of their referrals places. Read on to learn more!


When people sign up using another club member's referral code, the referring member will forever have that user tied to their account as someone they referred.


When referrals sign up, the referring party immediately earns points. Most importantly, the referring party will then earn a point for every dollar spent by the referral - forever. This leads to a massive amount of potential savings on cannabis.


Each club member also has the ability to earn money on referrals. For each order that a referral places, the referrer earns $5 cash that is paid to the referrer via PayPal Payouts - automatically. Members can not only earn points to save money on cannabis, but can now earn money for each order that a referral places - forever. 

For questions regarding the point system, please feel free to contact customer service.

We hope you enjoy the discounts, and even more the money you can earn!