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What's a Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is a joint thats ready-to-go — its already rolled and filled with cannabis. You can buy pre-rolls from cannabis dispensaries, and the term has become the industry-preferred term rather than joint,although some people do still refer to them as joints.

Using Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls typically come with a crutch in the drawing end intended for structural support. To use a pre-roll, light the opposite end and inhale. If the pre-roll has not been perfectly rolled, it can take several lights for it to catch.If you notice one side of the pre-roll is burning faster than the other, you can lick one of your fingers and use your spit to get the paper wet in order to slow down the burning and encourage an even burn.

Effects will be felt within a few minutes. Then, extinguish your pre-roll and save the rest for later — or pass it to your friends.

How Are Pre-Rolls Made?

As budtenders shift cannabis nuggets in their jars, small bits of flower, known as shake, fall off. After a couple of days, they collect the shake and use it in pre-rolls. Some budtenders may also add nuggets to their pre-roll mixture by grinding them down. Then, they use a machine to shake the joint to help settle the mixture and get rid of any air pockets. Once the joints are filled, the budtender will gently tamp down the contents to make sure the joint isnt too loose or tight, as this could cause it to burn poorly. Then, they twist the tip, and the pre-roll is ready for sale!

Why Use Pre-Rolls?

There are many benefits of using pre-rolls, including convenience and storability. For example, say you and your friends are hanging out. To enjoy some cannabis together, you could either grind up nuggets and load a bong or take the time to diligently roll the herb into joints. With a pre-roll, all the work is done beforehand. All you need to do is light, puff, puff, and pass. 

Some pre-rolls even come packaged in reusable containers to allow you to safely store them for the next time you want to use it without having to waste it, worry about it getting ruined, or smoke more than youre comfortable with solely because you have no storage options.

Extending a Pre-Rolls Shelf Life

Properly storing your pre-roll can greatly extend its shelf life. Mason jars are an excellent choice because theyre cheap, translucent, and easy to stack and store. They are fragile, though, so youll need to be careful and not drop them or slam the jar.

If youve got a bigger budget, you can also store pre-rolls in humidity storage containers. These were engineered specifically for storing and curing cannabis and come in a range of sizes — some can hold up to two pounds.

Controlling humidity is a bit more challenging, but humidity storage allows you to protect your cannabis from being damaged by humidity without the hassle of having to maintain dehumidifiers.