What’s the Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Flower?

As you shop for marijuana, youll likely notice there are a few distinguishing characteristics that vary from strain to strain. One of the biggest signifiers of the size of the bud is whether the plant was grown indoors or outdoors. Whats the difference between the two anyway, and does it matter? Keep reading to find out.

Outdoor Cannabis

Similar to all other plants, cannabis comes from the Earth. Although many modern growers have moved indoors, some swear by fully outdoor, sun-grown crops. Northern California is considered the Mecca of outdoor growing thanks to its climate, sunlight, soil, and space. In fact, most of the countrys outdoor weed supply comes from just a few counties in Northern California.

Unlike some types of fruits and vegetables, outdoor cannabis is usually germinated indoors for up to one month — until its root structure is strong enough to withstand outdoor conditions. Growers prepare nutrient-rich soil beds to tuck their plants into once its ready to be planted. These soil-beds are in full view of the sun so they can soak up as much of it as possible.

Daily watering, nutrient feeding, and strategic pruning allow the cannabis plants to grow as large as their space allows. Late October is the best time for a bountiful harvest of ripe buds. 

Indoor Cannabis

Cannabis growers initially moved their plants indoors as a way to avoid the cops. Unlike sprawling outdoor fields and gardens, its much easier to hide crops inside warehouses and basements — growers also dont have to worry about the climate when growing indoors. Indoor growers have also found that by setting up lights, fans, and humidity controls, they can meticulously control every aspect of the plants life cycle which in turn speeds up growing cycles and improves certain aspects of cannabinoid production and standardization.

Indoor growing has become especially popular over the past few decades as indoor cultivators hone hydroponic, aeroponic, and other highly specialized techniques. 

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Flower

The major differences between indoor and outdoor flower include:

  • Plant yield —The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor flower is the size of the mature plants and the amount of bud each plant yields. Since outdoor plants have the luxury of space, they can grow up to 10 feet tall! On the other hand, indoor plants can only grow as tall as the lights and space allow for. Since the plants in indoor grow rooms are usually stacked on top of one another, they grow significantly smaller than outdoor plants. 
  • Nug structure —How cannabis nuggets grow and develop depends significantly on the genetics of the strain and the plants growing environment. Indoor-grown cannabis buds tend to be dense, uniform, and covered in trichomes thanks to the indoor environments precise control of air, nutrients, humidity, and water. Outdoor buds are exposed to different amounts of light — depending on where they sit on the plant and tend to grow a bit bushier and wilder.

We hope this guide to indoor vs. outdoor cannabis flower has been helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions!