What is Shake?

Shake is small pieces of cannabis flower that used to be part of larger buds — Shake is the stuff that falls off the buds when they get handled or jostled around in its packaging. Shake is commonly used to make pre-rolled joints, but has other uses. Keep reading to learn more about Shake.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shake

Like we mentioned, cannabis flower that is naturally broken down when its handled I known as Shake. Shake is the stuff that falls off of larger buds and collects at the bottom of your stash, which can then be used in joints. 

The biggest advantage of Shake is how convenient it is — you can quickly and easily make a joint with it without needing to grind it down. The downside is that its thought to be of lower quality than other forms of flower. However, Shake can be quite potent if it includes kief that also fell off buds. The main reason Shake is thought to be low-quality is because its typically the last to be used, and therefore, it spends significant time drying out and degrading.

Is Shake the Same as Trim?

Trim and Shake are not the same — Trim is the stuff that gets trimmed off of cannabis buds after its harvested, mainly the resinous tips of the buds. Sometimes, other parts of the cannabis flower will make it into the trim, including sugar leaves, stems, and even chunks of flower — it all depends on how the cannabis was trimmed.

How Much Does Shake Cost?

Most dispensaries dont place Shake on their shelves. Instead, they hold on to the trimmings in order to maximize their profits. Laws vary state-by-state, but some dispensaries put all of their Shake into a large container and roll their own joints. You should approach these kinds of joints with caution because theres no way to be completely sure about what strain youre smoking. Talking with the dispensarys budtender is always advised when buying these types of joints. Shake is usually sold much cheaper than the flower on the dispensary shelves. In fact, you may be able to find it for as little as $40/ounce. 

What is Shake Used For?

You can think of Shake as pre-ground flower, ready to pack in a bowl, joint, or blunt. Shake is also perfect for making homemade edibles with. You can even create tinctures using your leftover Shake. On occasion, Shake is used to make concentrates, but most people in the industry prefer using flower as it ensures a higher quality end-product.

Is Weed Shake Bad?

The short answer is no. Weed Shake is not bad. Of course, everyone has their own personal preferences, and some people may prefer to stay away from Shake because of its quality. Smoking Shake needs to come with some caution as unsmokable cannabis trimmings like stems and seeds can be left in the Shake — a hazard that can be hard to remove. Additionally, Shake dries out fast, so youll want to smoke it before its condition and quality become even worse.