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What is Cold Water Hash?


Ice water hash, also referred to as cold water hash, bubble hash, and ice wax, is a cannabis concentrate in which trichomes are frozen and broken off the plant with ice water and physical agitation. Next, they are poured through mesh bags in order to sift out the non-resinous plant material. 

Ice water hash is usually dabbed, but it can also be sprinkled on top of flower. The quality of cold water hash is rated on a scale of six stars. The stars indicate refinement and meltability — one star signifies low quality, and six stars signify the best quality.

Differences in Cold Water Hash and Extracts and Live Resin

The best part of cold water hash is that it doesnt use chemical solvents, just water, and mesh bags. On the other hand, live resin and other extracts use a chemical solvent, like butane, propane, or CO2, to strip trichomes and resin from the marijuana plant. 

Ice hashs mechanical extraction process does not chemically affect the concentrate, and the ice water hash preserves the flavor of the original strain more than other extracts.

How is Cold Water Hash Made?

Cold water hash is made by putting cannabis in ice water to freeze its trichomes. Then, the mixture is agitated to break the trichomes, before it is filtered through a series of mesh bags, known as bubble bags.These bags allow the trichomes to pass through while holding back the plant matter.

How to Use Cold Water Hash

Cold water hash is a versatile concentrate with several different uses, including:

  • Sprinkle cold water hash over a bowl — One of the simplest and most reliable ways to boost a bowls potency is with ice hash. When you ice” dry flower with ice hash, it can produce a high thats more pronounced without being too overpowering. This makes it the perfect introduction to cold water hash.
  • Dab —Dabbing cold water hash delivers potent effects, but it requires more effort than sprinkling it over a bowl. To dab with cold water hash, press the solventless concentrate inside of a folded piece of parchment paper. The heat from your hand will be adequate to blend the trichome glands together. Once the cold water hash is pressed within the parchment paper, you will need to separate the pressed sheet into dab-ready sections. Its best to store your hash in a dark, cool place.
  • Titanium nail — Titanium dab nails are valued for their lower outgassing rates than other metals, as well as their durability. Unlike other metals, titanium does not release harmful gases once heated past a certain point. If youre looking to avoid the potential contaminants that come with metal screens or dab beds, titanium nails are your best bet.
  • Handheld vaporizer — This is another increasingly common method as dabbing becomes more popular. Using a handheld vaporizer for cold water hash may not provide the most pure effect, but it is helpful for beginners or anyone who may be looking for a simple and efficient way to use cold water hash.