What is Cannabis Flower?

If youre a green cannabis user, youve likely heard the term cannabis floweror flower, and maybe youre unsure what that means. If that sounds like you, youre in the right place. In this post, well go over everything you need to know about cannabis flower.

What is Cannabis Flower?

Flower is the most prevalent form of cannabis because it is extremely versatile and can be consumed in a broad spectrum of ways, from smoking it in a pipe or joint, vaped, or consumed as edibles. Cannabis flower, also known as bud, is the smokeable, trichome-covered part of the female cannabis plant. 

Forms of Flower

Cannabis flower comes in different forms, including:

Loose Flower

Loose flower refers to buds on their own that have not been rolled or processed. Loose flower can be purchased in a dispensary and usually comes in a jar or sealed bag. Once the flower is harvested from the cannabis plant, it is then dried, cured, and ground in order to make it as easy to consume as possible. Once the flower is ground, the user has the choice to roll it in a joint, pack it in a bong, or use it in homemade edibles.

Pre-Rolled Flower

You can also buy and consume flower via pre-rolled joints. This is an extremely convenient way to consume cannabis that doesnt require any additional grinding, packing, or rolling. 

Ways to Smoke Flower

There are several methods to smoke flower, including:

  • Joints and blunts
  • Pipes and bongs
  • Vaporizers, or vapes

Flower Quality

Dispensaries these days organize their cannabis by quality. As with any product, the quality of flower fluctuates into the following categories:

Private Reserve

This category of flower is the best cannabis a dispensary offers. Oftentimes, dispensaries cultivate and harvest their own Private Reserve flower.

Top Shelf

This term refers to bud thats high quality, just not as good as Private Reserve. Terms to describe this tier of cannabis include loud, artisanal, chronic, fire, and piff. Growing top-quality cannabis requires detailed care and attention, and meticulous harvesting — this is why the top-shelf flower is more expensive than other kinds. Top shelf growers focus on quality over quantity.

Bottom Shelf

Bottom shelf is used to describe low-quality herb. Its also known as brick weed, dirt weed, popcorn, ditch weed, and popcorn. Bottom-shelf cannabis is old, contains seeds and stems, and has a harsh taste when it is combusted. Bottom shelf cannabis is usually brown and doesnt have the robust aroma of higher quality products.

Signs of Flower Degradation

If you want to make sure your flower is not degrading, watch out for:

  • Changing or fading color: Exuberant cannabis is bright green, purple, and/or orange. But over time, it will wilt into lumps of rust and khaki green.
  • Smell: Unattended cannabis left in a jar will produce a rather unpleasant aroma over time. Exposing the cannabis to fresh oxygen should be enough to flush the container of its fermented air.
  • Taste: The taste of cannabis and how it feels in your mouth are quite different than fresh flower.

We hope this post was a helpful guide on the basics of cannabis flower. For any other questions related to cannabis, dont hesitate to reach out to our team today.