What is an Eighth?

An eighth (1/8) is a common way to measure the weight of cannabis. An eighth is short for one-eighth of an ounce.” Dispensaries sell cannabis in a range of different forms, but the most common ones are grams, eighths, quarters, ounces, and half ounces. Keep reading to learn more about eighthsand other cannabis measurements.

How Much Does an Eighth Cost?

There are a few factors that affect the cost of an eighth, including location, quality of cannabis, and taxes. On average, you can expect to pay between $35-$40+ for an eighth. Cannabis costs the most in legal markets with high taxes. Heres a further breakdown of factors that impact the cost of cannabis:

  • Quality: High-potency stains often come at a cost; its common for products with higher amounts of THC to cost more than those with average or low THC amounts. 
  • Taxes and overhead: Dispensaries pay a ton of taxes for things from facilities, utilities, and payroll to administrative costs and much more. The average cost of living in the dispensarys area also impacts the price of cannabis there.
  • Supply and demand: Demand for cannabis increases every year as more states legalize the substance and more people try it for the first time. Like all industries, the cannabis industry is subject to standard economic principles like supply and demand. If local growerscrops undergo any type of unforeseen detrimental factors like drought or bugs, the supply shortage will drive up prices?

What Does an Eighth Look Like?

Cannabis strains vary in density, resulting in some eighths appearing larger than others. Take Maui Wowie as an example — the Sativa strain can grow fluffier, airier buds that allow the plant to thrive in climates that are humid without developing mold. On the other hand, varieties such as Gelato and Northern Lights grow more dense buds that are tightly packed and therefore appear smaller.

Whats the Difference Between an Eighth and a Quarter?

Perhaps the two most common quantities you will run into at a cannabis dispensary are eighths and quarters. The difference is their weight — an eighth is one-eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams, and a quarter is a one-quarter ounce, or 7 grams.

Other common cannabis measurements include a gram, a half, and an ounce. Its unlikely that you will see cannabis sold in amounts over one ounce in legal markets because of legal limits on possession.

Dispensaries often sell flower in 3.5-gram intervals, such as:

  • A quarter is commonly sold as 7 grams.
  • A half-ounce is commonly sold as 14 grams.
  • An ounce typically weighs 28 grams.

The good news is, once you learn what an eighth of weed is, its easy to remember, and you can easily identify an eighth by looking at it or holding it. If you have any further questions about what an eighth is or any other cannabis terminology or related questions, please feel free to reach out to us today.