What Does Indoor Grown Cannabis Mean?

There are different ways to grow cannabis, including outdoors, greenhouse, hybrid, and indoors. In this post, were going to go over the process and benefits of indoor-grown cannabis.

What Does Indoor Grown Mean?

Indoor grown is a term used to describe cannabis thats grown indoors, whether its in a home or commercial operation. Although both differ in terms of scale, they are similar in the needs of plants grown indoors.

Indoor grown is a more casual way of saying controlled environmental agriculture, and interior gardening.Indoor grown is a collective term that refers to the plants themselves instead of the act of growing them. Its a term used by people in the industry instead of grow op,which is mostly used by law enforcement officials.  

Benefits of Indoor Grown Cannabis

The most significant benefits of indoor grown cannabis include:

  • Produce consistency high yields
  • Produce high-quality weed
  • Prevent disease and damage to plants
  • Plants can be grown anywhere, at any time, and dont depend on the weather
  • Safety from bugs and other plant-eating and infecting pests 
  • Plants are safely locked away indoors
  • Year-round growing leads to multiple harvests 

Setting Up an Indoor Grow System

Setting up an indoor grow system requires some work. First, youll need to find a room to grow your cannabis in — this can be as small as a closet or as large as an airport hangar, depending on the size of your operation.

Youll also need to be sure you have:

  •  Adequate lighting for each stage of plant development
  • A method to get water and nutrients to the plant roots
  • A means of training or pruning the cannabis plants to ensure maximum yield
  • A way to prevent threats to the roots and soil that could potentially impact the health of the plants — typically, this is done by using a sterile, soilless growing medium.
  • A ventilation system to wick away unwanted moisture and maintain proper humidity levels to prevent mold and mildew from growing
  • Containers to hold your plants in. The size of the container you will need depends on what size of plates you plan to grow.

Daily Maintenance for Indoor Grown Cannabis 

Below you will find a daily maintenance checklist for your indoor cannabis:

  1. Water all plants
  2. Check the waters pH
  3. Measure and mix nutrients 
  4. Check the soil for mold, pests, and nutrient deficiencies
  5. Prune and/or remove dead plant leaves as needed
  6. Determine whether or not plants need to be topped
  7. Ensure plants are properly spaced out and not shading each out from the light
  8. Adjust the lights if you notice leaf tips are burned
  9. Check the grow spaces temperature and humidity levels
  10. Ensure all equipment is running properly (lights, timers, fans, dehumidifiers, etc.)

An indoor cannabis growing operation can provide you with high-quality products for your own use, or it can enable you to jumpstart your own commercial operation in order to supply a growing industry. Contact us today if you have any more questions on growing cannabis.