What Does Greenhouse Grown Cannabis Mean?

As the name suggests, greenhouse grown cannabis” is weed thats grown inside of a greenhouse. This method is a fairly simple, inexpensive way to grow cannabis with many benefits that we will outline in this post.

How Does Greenhouse Grown Cannabis Work?

Energy from the sun, also known as solar radiation, passes through the greenhouses transparent walls and heats up the soil and cannabis plants inside — this keeps the greenhouse warm even when its cold outside. In turn, soil and plants release energy in the form of infrared radiation that cant escape the greenhouse. This trapped heat warms the air of the greenhouse. The greenhouse effect allows growers to cultivate cannabis year round, although cannabis does still need sunlight in addition to the warmth the greenhouse provides.

Recreating the Cannabis Life Cycle

Cannabis is typically planted in the ground between April and July when the sun is the strongest and out for most of the day — this allows the plants to stay in the vegetative state. Once cannabis begins getting 12 hours of light or less, it will start flowering and producing buds. This happens outdoors towards the end of the summer as the days begin to get shorter.

Advanced greenhouses allow for year-round growth by controlling the light. Whats more, they can also provide supplemental lighting when its too dark outside while also blocking incoming light if its too bright outside.

Benefits of Greenhouse Grown Cannabis

As we mentioned, there are a number of benefits associated with greenhouse grown cannabis, including:

Manipulating Life Cycles

In the summer, many greenhouse farmers run cycles of plants called light deps,” which is short for light deprivation. By cutting off the amount of light to cannabis plants before the end of the season, the farmer can trick the plant into flowering early. This allows for early crop pulling, a key factor for people who live in a climate with cold and wet early falls.

Lighting Control

Supplemental lighting lets the grower extend the hours of daylight while improving the quality of light on cloudy days. This also provides more control over the plants vegetative state.

Weather and Climate Control

Controlling the climate in the greenhouse is key to producing quality cannabis. Some greenhouses have windows or paneling that you can open or remove to allow for wind circulation, cool plants, or trap heat inside.

Greenhouses also have the obvious benefit of providing cover for plants from heavy rains that can damage them and cause them to rot, high winds, and freezing cold temperatures. Some greenhouses also have dehumidifiers, heaters, A/C, and fans — all of which help regulate the climate.

Energy Conservation

The ability to control the lighting and climate paves the way for year-round cultivation. But, growing outdoors with a greenhouse is much more expensive than growing indoors. Even though you will save a lot of money on electricity costs. But, even with the cost of supplemental light for your greenhouse, you will still end up paying less in energy costs than what it takes to power indoor operations.