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Cannabis diamonds are a form of cannabis concentrate that can be smoked or vaped. As the name suggests, cannabis or THCA diamonds are solid crystalline structures that look like diamonds. Cannabis diamonds are the most potent cannabis concentrate and can contain up to 99.9% THC when they are heated up — a significant difference from other concentrates that are generally between 70-90% THC.  How Are Cannabis Diamonds Made? Cannabis diamonds are actually made from another type of concentrate, known as sauce, which is best known for its runny and glossy appearance. Sauce is made through a closed-loop process that adds...

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 Dabs are concentrated doses of marijuana made through the extraction of THC and other cannabinoids with solvents such as butane or carbon dioxide, which creates sticky oils. Depending on the consistency, these cannabis concentrates are also commonly called wax, budder, shatter, and butane hash oil (BHO). Dabs are typically heated on a hot surface, commonly a nail, and then inhaled via a dab rig. Dabbing is the fastest and most efficient way to get a strong high.  Benefits of Dabbing When dabbing is done safely using clean, tested products, there are a number of benefits that come with it, mostly...

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Concentrates, also known as extracts, are derived from cannabis trichomes.

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  Although you may not know it as “kief,” that’s the correct term for those tiny, sticky crystals that cover cannabis flower. Kief is also known as dry sift or pollen. Kief is the name for the resin glands that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids of cannabis. While marijuana without kief does still contain cannabinoids, the resin glands that develop on the buds pack the biggest punch in terms of producing a powerful high. Built-in Protection for Cannabis Plants While kief refers to the bulbous, crystal formations on flower, the substance itself is one part of what’s known as a...

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  Ice water hash, also referred to as cold water hash, bubble hash, and ice wax, is a cannabis concentrate in which trichomes are frozen and broken off the plant with ice water and physical agitation. Next, they are poured through mesh bags in order to sift out the non-resinous plant material.  Ice water hash is usually dabbed, but it can also be sprinkled on top of flower. The quality of cold water hash is rated on a scale of six stars. The stars indicate refinement and meltability — one star signifies low quality, and six stars signify the best...

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